A new pressure die improving wire lubrication by 200%


For more than 60 years, Vassena has been working closely with wire drawing companies and rope manufacturers in order to improve the profitability of their work and results. The eye has always been to the future, looking for innovative materials, geometries and cutting-edge technologies.

In line with this path, a brand-new patent arrives today: Vassena VG402R.2
It’s a new pressure die designed to allow a superior adhesion of the lubricant on the wire, up to 200% better than standard dies. The VG402R.2 has a special structure, which allows to reduce the friction coefficient ensuring higher drawing speed, better quality of the drawn wire and longer die life. Among the other advantages there are the elimination of the candle effect in the soap box and a healthier working environment - a benefit that involves the entire company, from the entrepreneur, to the manager, from the head of the workshop to the employees and workers.